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Make your own website and get built-in tools to grow your business online.

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MyRx Doctor Solution Website Why Choose MyRx

Why Choose MyRx

  • No Coding Required
  • No Server or Hosting Cost
  • Update your website instantly
  • Secure Online Platform
  • Create in Minutes and Update in seconds
  • Cost Effective Plans


Dynamic Website Builder

DIY Dynamic website builder. No Coding Required. Easy to create and maintain.

Hosting & SSL

No need to worry about hosting. Get unlimited storage with HTTPS (SSL)


Own Domain Name

Choose your Own Domain Name, and grow your brand without any hassle

Auto SEO tool

MyRx Auto SEO tool guides you to do optimization to your sites for better results

Article Publishing Platform

Write, Optimize, Publish and Manage all your articles, which generate more engagement

Optimized for mobile

All the templates in MyRx are mobile optimized and open seamlessly with mobile devices

Faster Loading

Online CDN, page compressions and faster servers results in 80% faster loading of your site

Regional language

The website created can be auto translated to 11 regional languages. choose your default language

Appointments & Payments

Let patients book appointments and pay in advance for your online and inclinic consultation