Amplifying Online Growth and Practice Management for an Esteemed Neuro-Psychiatrist with MyRx


In today's digital landscape, establishing a robust online presence and effective practice management are paramount for healthcare professionals. This case study delves into the inspiring journey of a highly accomplished Neuropsychiatrist with over 18 years of experience, practicing in Bhubaneshwar. Specializing in Addiction psychiatry, Adult Psychiatry, Child Psychiatry & Psychology, Mood clinic, and Behavioral sciences, this case study outlines how MyRx has been instrumental in elevating the doctor's online presence and refining their practice management strategies.

The Challenge:

The doctor, renowned for their expertise, encountered multifaceted challenges that required comprehensive solutions:

Limited Online Visibility: The doctor faced a dearth of visibility on Google Business, resulting in inadequate reach to potential patients seeking their specialized services.

Suboptimal Website Rating: The doctor's existing website suffered from a lackluster rating, impacting patient trust and the ability to convert online visitors into patients.

SEO Constraints: Poor search engine optimization hindered the doctor's online discoverability, causing them to miss out on a significant online audience.

Patient Engagement Gap: The doctor needed a more effective approach to engage with patients online, including appointment booking and inquiries, to enhance the overall patient experience.

Practice Management Challenges: Managing patient records, prescriptions, and administrative tasks manually posed inefficiency challenges that needed to be addressed.

The Solution:

MyRx, a comprehensive healthcare service provider, was the strategic partner that addressed these challenges with tailored solutions:

Website Development: MyRx meticulously designed a user-friendly, professional website that effectively communicated the doctor's expertise, specialties, and services, resulting in a significant enhancement of online presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): MyRx's SEO experts embarked on an extensive optimization journey, elevating the doctor's website to higher rankings on search engines, thereby significantly boosting online visibility.

E-Prescription System: The implementation of an electronic prescription system not only expedited the prescription process but also contributed to better patient record management and data security.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR): The integration of EMR streamlined patient data management, ensuring that it was both efficient and secure.

Teleconsultation Services: In recognition of the growing trend of telemedicine, MyRx facilitated remote consultations, making healthcare services more accessible to patients.

Data Analytics: The doctor leveraged MyRx's data analytics to gain deep insights into patient demographics, appointment patterns, and areas requiring further improvement.

The Results:

The partnership with MyRx yielded substantial, quantifiable results:

Google Business Profile Views and Search: Within six months, the doctor's Google Business profile witnessed a remarkable 78% surge in profile views, while website traffic surged by an impressive 63%.

Website Rating: The doctor's website rating soared from a mediocre 3.5 to an outstanding 4.8 out of 5, symbolizing the amplified patient satisfaction and trust.

SEO Ranking: A formidable 45% increase in the website's search engine ranking broadened the doctor's online reach substantially.

Patient Engagement: Online patient engagement surged by an astounding 55%, driven by a heightened volume of online inquiries, appointment requests, and feedback.

Practice Management: The integration of EMR and e-prescription systems reduced administrative burden and allowed the doctor to allocate more time and attention to patient care. The introduction of teleconsultation services further improved patient accessibility.


The partnership with MyRx has brought about a remarkable transformation in the practice of this highly accomplished Neuropsychiatrist. The doctor's journey to enhance online growth and practice management has been marked by substantial achievements. By addressing the challenges of limited online visibility, suboptimal website ratings, SEO constraints, patient engagement gaps, and practice management inefficiencies, MyRx has provided a comprehensive and effective solution. The doctor's practice now thrives in the digital age, with amplified online visibility, enhanced website rating, improved SEO performance, and a significantly more engaged patient base. MyRx's services have not only streamlined practice management but have also provided invaluable data insights, empowering the doctor to make informed decisions for sustainable future growth and success.