MyRx, empowering healthcare services digitally since 2014! Digital HealthCare gets us going.

We deliver connected healthcare services to improve the efficiency of the entire health and wellness system, enhance the quality, and reduce the cost of healthcare in India.

The healthcare domain of our country comprises many stakeholders. These include doctors and other medical professionals, healthcare facilities, diagnostic centers, pharmaceutical companies, and chemists, to mention a few.

In such a broad and heterogeneous ecosystem, there exist significant voids between the patients and quality healthcare. Whether it is scheduling appointments, consultation, diagnosis, or getting appropriate treatment, people sometimes find it challenging. Not anymore.

We leverage technology to bridge all the gaps and connect the stakeholders of the healthcare industry to offer best-in-class healthcare to all.

At MyRx, we also strive to ensure strategic, analytical, sustainable, and prolific growth of the facilities associated with the healthcare realm. With our robust and innovative digital healthcare solutions, we look forward to helping the organizations that collaborate or contribute to the domain streamline their performance and services.

Our Core Values


We care, and that’s why we are here. We deliver practical IT-based solutions to connect all the gaps in the healthcare system.


We believe in sharing all relevant information with our workforce and clients. It ensures maintaining clarity at every stage of our services. It is one of the reasons behind our goodwill and why people trust us.

Quality Healthcare

We are committed to providing our clients with impeccable digital healthcare solutions. It helps them address their business needs while translating the same into offering top-notch services to the stakeholders of the healthcare industry.