What Our Client says

Being a Dermatosurgeon, I understand the challenges that we doctors face to promote/establish our self in webpage or social media. So this is where MyRx came and helped me a lot, they developed my website and gave me the practice management application also. The entire team of MyRx is very coopearative and provide services in very affordable prices.

I have been using MyRx Practice Management since past 3 years. It helps me connect to my patients at ease and I am very happy with it. I will definitely recommend MyRx to all doctors. Thank you.

I came accross MyRx through a social media ad. Their team developed my website with technical manner and conceptual knowledge which gave me a new platform to connect with my patients accross my city as well as in complete North east. I can update my social media, youtube, whatsapp into it. I am very thankful to MyRx Team.

Team of MyRx has done a very good job by creating my website and providing me the practice management application. I am getting good number patients from website and my digital presence is very good now in google page. Thank you MyRx.

I have got my website developed from MyRx team. It is very user friendly and easily accessable from any device, no need to download any app. Easy to use. Thank you MyRx Team.

It was my dream to have a good looking website of my own from my beginning days when I started practice in this medical field. MyRx team helped me a lot in building my website, their prescription writer software is very good, I can easily write a prescription in just 10-12 seconds. Thank you MyRx

I have made my website from MyRx team. It is so innovate and creative and helps my patients to understand about the doctor. It's appointment booking system and online payment gateway facility is really good. Thank you MyRx for helping me.

In the beginning of my practice it was very difficult to start online practice and brand management. Then I came accross MyRx through social media and started my own practice. It's patient record and prescription part is really nice, they have builded my website also. Really thankful to MyRx Team. Definitely recommended to all healthcare professionals.

Very fast and efficient prescription write I am using now from MyRx. It is quite good, time saving and patient management portal is really nice. Highly recommended.

I am using MyRx practice management application to save my patient data records, it's completely secure and safe. I will surely recommend MyRx application to all Doctors.

MyRx Practice Management and Prmote part is quite good. Support team of MyRx are very helpful. User friendly application and can be accessable in any smart device. I will definitely recommend MyRx for all healthcare professionals.

MyRx team developed my website and google page also. My digital presence was almost null before one year, and now I am quite happy with my digital profile and my patients are easily finding my clinic and website. Appointment booking facility from website is very good. Thank you MyRx.

The website interface and design by MyRx team is highly appreaciated. As a doctor I was not so technically sound in these digital things, but after using MyRx, I am quite happy and feeling good. Thanks to MyRx.

As a homeopathic physician, it was quite difficult for us to practice online and write e-prescription, but in MyRx application it is completely different. The doctor's portal and login interface is quite good and I can access it from any device without any android/ios app. Great product by MyRx Team.

Today in 21st century, it's an era of digitalization and our country is highly developing into digital healthcare sector in every year. Govt. of India has taken good steps on telemedicine, digital prescription and all. In MyRx application I got everything, it provides me my own website, patient management software, prescription writer and payment gateway also. Application is very user friendly and easy to use. Thanks to MyRx and good luck.

MyRx fulfils my all dreams in my healthcare practice. Here I can promote my self, easily stay connected with my patients and I can write prescriptions in seconds. Great product by MyRx and I appreciate the whole team.

Application is very good, easy to use and I can send customize SMS easily to all my patients. Appointment manager and SMS alert facility is there, prescription writing part is really nice. Good job MyRx.

I am using MyRx prescription writer since more than 2 years. During covid lockdown period it helps me a lot, I can easily consult through myrx portal (video consultation) and provide digital prescription to my patients. Thank you MyRx.

I came accorss different healthcare apps/products in last 3-4 years, but MyRx application is completely different and unique. It is completely user friendly and doctors do not have to know any technical knowledge to use it. Great initiative by MyRx team. Thank you.

Being in this profession from a long time I always liked to interact with my patients physically but due to COVID I started facing problems to convey my message to my patients and this is where MyRx helped it. The prescription writer of MyRx is splendid and in no time I can write prescriptions to my patients

As a doctor, I have come across many appls which are a good platform for doctors but I used to get stuck while using the apps a lot of time and didn't know what to do. This is when I came across MyRx and while using this application I contacted the support team whenever I was stuck and within seconds I got a reply. The team is always present and helps to resolve all the issues instantly.

MyRx has an amazing website which is user friednly and can be accessed very easily. The theme used by the team is extremly attractive which interests me more to use the site for a longer time. I really appreciate the whole team for introducing me to such a platform.

When I started using online apps to interact with my patients, they were always worried that there files are not safe in these online portals and due to that I even lost a few patients. During this time, I was introduced to the MyRx app which helped me retain my patients and also get new patients onboard. This is because they have an excellent patient management software which provides full security to all the patient records. Thank you MyRx for being such a great help.

Though technology is taking a pace today, I have always found it difficult to use various applications on my phone. But MyRx app didnt have a lot of prerequistes and was very easy to login on their website.They event dont require you to install any seperate android or ios app and you can use it instantly.

I always believed in taking feedbacks from my patient and improving myself. I had a feedback box at my clinic and I encouraged my patients to put there note in that box. In this COVID era this became difficult and at that time I found MyRx app which had a feedback form which patients can easily fill. This helped me a lot. Thank you MyRx team.

MyRx app is very flexible and doesnt need a particular device to login. I sometimes visit my relatives and its difficult for me to carry my laptop but this app can work in multiple devices be it phone, tablet, laptop or computer. Great work done by the team.

I had trouble in interacting with my patients during COVID and many of my patients were also not getting the right platform where they are cormfortable. At this time, I was introduced to MyRx app by one of my patients and this app has an automated process where doctor and patient can talk very easily.

I am not that comfortable to use apps and websites as I get lost a lot of time. The website design of MyRx is quite attracting and is very easy to understand. After using twice, I was very comfortable with the website and now I love to be a part of the MyRx community.

MyRx app has a marketing platform where I can express my words and write articles. It is easy to use. I can also write various keywords which I want to refer later and I can write long descriptive articles too. Thank you MyRx for getting the author in me back.

The support team of MyRx is remarkable. The are there to help 24*7 and whenever I face any issues I just post a message and my queries are resolved immediately.

My patients are really happy using the MyRx app as they know that their data is secure and safe with this app. They now easily convey to me their problems and I can provide them with medicines and other methods instantly with MyRx app.

I being a Psychiatrist have a lot of trust problems with my patients as they are not willing to share their data easily. MyRx app has helped me a lot to overcome this as their doctor patient communication process is easy as well as safe and no information is leaked. This helps to get back my patients confidence. Thank you team.

MyRx prescription writer is incredible. Within seconds, I can connect with my patients and write them presecriptions which reaches to them immediately. If they have any quesries then they can also write to me.

I opened a new clinic and faced a lot of problems to establish into digital market and google page. I got the contact of MyRx team through one of my colleague, they helped me a lot to create my google page and website. It is working perfectly now and website design is pretty good. Their prescription writing part is very nice, easy to use and very user friendly. I will definitely recommend MyRx to everyone.

The login procedure of MyRx app is great. One can easily login on their website and no extra app is required. Thank you MyRx for such a smooth procedure.

MyRx has a faboulus marketing tool where one can express their views and also write articles. I sometimes use it to write words which I want to study about later and it works great for me to use it as a note. Thank you MyRX for such an amazing platform,

The login procedure of MyRx is very easy. There are not many formalities to be done and a new account can be formed and used in no time.

The patient doctor interaction has been made simple with the help of MyRx. I can talk to my patients and address their problems quickly. They can also provide me feedback which helps me to improve with time.

I can login to my MyRx account from multiple devices at once and that is one of the best feature I found about the app. Apart from that the app is very user friendly and thank you team for a great platform.

MyRx app has an excellent patient management software which eases the job of patients as well as doctors. My patients are really happy to use the app and so am I. I would like to thank the complete team for all their efforts and time they have designed to build their platform.